Godly Christian Ministry News

More Behind the Scenes

Work has continued behind the scenes with the Internet, but on a new front. In November, the site administrator began to learn a new programing language and design environment. After reading and skimming nearly 1,700 pages of textbook material, the administrator felt like he had a handle on Action Script 3.0 and Flash. His first test project can now be seen whenever someone clicks on the listen icon next to a song. When someone clicks on this, a little music player pops up which the administrator designed and programmed from the ground up in order fix a problem that several people where having when they tried to play the music. This was merely a preparatory project for something much larger on the way and served to solidify the theories from several textbooks into a working model. 

Since that time, the administrator has begun taking steps to embark on the new project. Nevertheless, as steps have been taken, they have been met with great opposition. Almost immediately, the administrator got sick, coming down with a cold that he got from working with the sick children at his job. This started the process of a three week cycle of getting sick, recovering a little, and then getting sick again. Finally, after the cycle broke and health was reattained, the night time nature of the administrator's work started to effect his ability to sleep. Over the course of a five day stretch he was only able to average about three and half hours of sleep per each twenty four hour period. Once he was able to sleep again, he injured his wrist. Though this only slowed him down a little, his wrist has been in a brace for about a week now. Present, as the administrator types this article, his nose is running and his throat has been soar for the last two days. This started after an attempt to resolve a creosote problem with his wood stove resulting in his home getting smoked out. Despite all the difficulty, he presses on with the new project. 

What might you ask is this new project? For a long time the administrator has desired to start an e-card website with the intent of challenging people to walk in faith and obedience to God. Most Christian e-card websites are simply a lot of fluff with their self-help like inspirational quotes. Though some of these maybe encouraging and nice at times, they lack any real depth. These cards often leave the lukewarm Christian feeling a little more spiritual, while allowing them to continue in their dullness toward whole hearted obedient faith. It is the administrator's hope to create a new site where people can send e-cards which will challenge those who never knew God or are backsliden and equip those who are faithful, that they may become more mature. 

This new site is bringing with it many challenges and a lot of work. The administrator is the sole person working on this project and over the course of the next year or two he will be putting most of his spare time toward the graphic design, programing, and database work in order to get the site up and running. In addition to this task, he will also be creating the e-cards for everyone to send out. The amount of work to get this project going is quite daunting, but it was the same way for getting www.GodlyChristianMusic.com ready. With strength and wisdom from the Father and through your prayers the administrator is confident that this new site will be a rich source of blessing to you. 

Currently, the site is in the design phase where graphics are being created and planning on functionality is taking place. The structure of the site's database has largely been established and most navigational content has been worked out. As of January 14, the mock-up of the home page was completed and the overall look of site was determined. From here, the administrator will be working to create a bare bones mock up of the essential pages to make the site have its basic functionality. Once this is done, the database will be created and programing will commence. After this phase has been completed, the first round of e-card will start to be made. In the mean time, the administrator will be setting up a page for you to send your suggestions and ideas for e-cards to him. 

Keep your eyes open to this news page in the next couple months and the administrator will let you know when and where to go to bring your suggestions for e-cards. In addition, please be praying for the administrator and this project. It is probably the largest project that he has ever taken on and will most certainly face many trials in the process. Ask that he would have endurance and that in the mist of difficulty that he would come to know Christ more fully. In addition, the devil is always at work trying to slow or stop projects like this from going forward (as one can already see from the administrator's first month worth of work). Your prayer are more valuable than you might know and are capable making or breaking a project like this. Therefore, please devote yourself to prayer and pray also for this site's administrator that God would enable him to serve you.