Godly Christian Ministry News

The New Godly Christian Music

It is an exciting new time for Godly Christian Music. After several years of only a little change to the website, Godly Christian Music is getting an overhaul. Recently, a company name Divine Design has taken on the project of redesigning the site and working to bring new content to listeners. 

As you can already see, there has been some changes to the look and feel of the site. Divine Design began work in September planning and setting goals for what Godly Christian Music was going to become. Now you are beginning to see the fruit of the last months worth of work. The site will continue change as the project progresses onward. Over the course of the next season, Godly Christian Music will be getting a database system and new user interface programmed in ASP.NET (a popular web programming language). This will enable users to begin searching the music by genre, artist, title, and more. Nevertheless, even before these changes become fully implemented the sites music content will be increasing. Stay posted on this news page to find out when new content is added and where to find it. 

Over the last couple years we have become the home of many independent artists’ music, but there are still countless talented people all over the place who have never been able to publish what they have received from God. Godly Christian Music is not only hoping to get songs that are already recorded by artists, but also to begin recording artist that don’t have the ability to record, edit, and mix the music themselves. This news page will be keeping you up-to-date on who and what we may be recording. 

One other addition to the site is the ability to donate to the cause. Godly Christian Music is presently serving thousands of people around the world each month. In August alone, eight hundred new people found the site and began downloading its free songs. As Godly Christian Music continues to grow the demands on our server have increased and as our projected growth begins to sky rocket, we hope that some of you might be able to offset our expenses and help keep the site going and growing. 

We hope that the new additions to the site will help to draw more people to truly know Christ Jesus our Lord. There are so many things that draw people away from Jesus and in the midst of difficulties, many times a song about our Lord can help keep us focused throughout our day. The Lord bless you and keep you. May He make His face to shine upon you and give you peace.