Godly Christian Ministry News

News - December 28, 2010

~ Summary Index ~ 
1. Godly Christian Ministries General Updates 
2. Godly Christian Music - Site Updates 
3. Godly Christian Music - New Songs 
4. Prayer Requests


1. Godly Christian Ministries General Updates

It has been a busy month and progress continues to be made. 
Currently, most of my time has been invested with www.GodlyChristianMusic.com
New Music is regularly being added to the site and new features are 
also being developed.  In addition, some bugs were fixed on the 
administrative side of the site too.  Toward the end of this month I 
posted up several articles to the www.GodlyChristianMinistries.com

The focus of the coming season will remain on the music website as 
new features and fixes will continue to be developed.  The news 
article page of the music (and ecard) site will be modified so that 
its content will fed in from the ministry site.  This will provide a 
more streamlined way of passing along information by allowing me to 
post one article and have it appear on three sites.  In addition, the 
mp3 player on the music site will probably be getting changed.  I am 
hoping to integrate a media player which significantly improve the 
current play list feature.  Several other smaller things will likely 
be added or modified in the coming months too.  In regards to the 
ministry site, I hope to add some more outreach content soon.


2. Godly Christian Music - Site Updates

This month, I have been in the studio mixing Joe Garrity's new songs 
which were posted on his download page a few days ago.  In addition, I 
implemented a major site-wide update that integrates ID3 tags into 
every mp3 file on the site.  You may wonder what this means... It 
means that when you download mp3 files from www.GodlyChristianMusic.com
and put them onto your computer or mp3 player they will no longer be 
listed as unknown title, unknown artist, unknown genre and unknown 
album.  Instead, the files will now automatically be sorted and 
organized according to their proper categories.

[Note: Artists should notice that there are less errors messages 
displayed when they are managing their music on the back end of the 
site.  I think the main bug that was causing the back-end of the site 
to crash was eliminated.]


3. Godly Christian Music - New Songs

There were 81 new songs since the last update!

Christ Our Life: new song(s) - 1 
Jerry Lockett: new song(s) -  10 
The Voice of God: new song(s) -  28 
Andrew Price: new song(s) -  1 
Susan Hawthorne: new song(s) -  6 
Josh Godfrey: new song(s) -  4 
Dynamomin: new song(s) -  1 
Steve and Danny Thomson: new song(s) -  2 
Naked Like Adam: new song(s) -  2 
Jeff Rice: new song(s) -  1 
Daniel Asher: new song(s) -  6 
Joe and Angela Garrity: new song(s) -  8 
Jonsong: new song(s) -  11


4. Prayer Requests

The end of the year is coming up and I am currently on the road 
visiting my family and friends in a couple northern USA states.  It 
has been a good year, but it has been filled with trials.  The Lord 
did a deep work in my heart this year bringing me to a much greater 
level of peace and contentment.  In addition, the ministry has grown 
considerably.  This year GodlyChristianEcards.com had about 30 new 
ecards custom made available for everyone to use. 
GodlyChristianMinistries.com was completely rebuilt and lots of new 
content was added.  A bunch of new equipment was obtained for music 
recording and several improvements were made to 
GodlyChristianMusic.com, including bug fixes, new features, and 
hundreds of songs.  Now the year is coming to a close and the horizon 
of the new year is quickly approaching.  Please be praying that the 
Lord would grant vision and provision for the ministry in 2011.  I 
have high hopes to increase the content and the exposure of Godly 
Christian Ministries' site during the next year.  My desire is to see 
all God's people become one with Christ Jesus: sharing in both His 
mind and actions.  When all of God's people become properly tuned to 
Christ, they will come in tune with each other.  Please pray that 
Godly Christian Ministries will be effective in bringing God's people 
into union with Christ Jesus and likewise each other.