Godly Christian Ministry News

Chords, Lyrics, and Events

There have been a couple new updates to Godly Christian Music recently. Nevertheless, the benefit to the average user will only come when the artists start taking advantage of what is available to them. One of the major updates is the addition of chords and lyrics for each song. Now you will be able to learn how to play and sing your favorite songs yourself. Simply search for the song or go to an artist's page and click on the lyrics or chords icon next to the listen and download icons. If there is a little circle with an cross through it on an icon that means the artist has not yet posted the chords or lyrics for that song yet. You can politely contact them and ask them to post their chords by going to their music page and click the link entitled, “Contact Artist”. 

Another new feature added to the website was the events section. The events section of the site allows artists to post events and listeners find out whether or not each artist is currently taking invitations for leading worship. When this update took place all the artist were set by default to inform others that they were not taking invitations. Nevertheless, this may not be true. An artist must log in their system before the invitation settings will get changed. Therefore use discretion in asking the artists about coming near you until they have a chance to login and get their preferences set. 

There are a few other features on the administrative side that have been automated to help streamline things too. One of these is for posting testimonies. If you have been blessed by Godly Christian Music please write in from the contact us page and tell us how you have been blessed. There is a high likelihood that your testimony will appear for others to be encouraged by too. 

Hopefully these new features will prove to be a blessing to you. Lord Bless...