Godly Christian Ministry News

It is Here! ..Major Update Notice..

After over a year and a half of learning a new programming language and more than eight months of work on the site, the initial beta version of Godly Christian Music is here. What does this mean for you? Well, first of all it will mean that you will begin to see more music on the site. This first step will enable artists to add music themselves to the website and will grant them abilities to manage their songs. In addition, as you listen and download songs from the site, the underlying programming will begin to keep track of which songs are downloaded most, making it easier for people to find your favorite songs. In addition, each song is now being tagged with a lot of descriptions, so as things progress on the site, you will be able to search for songs based upon several qualities. 

There is still more on the way...Most of the work that has gone on to date has been behind the scenes creating a complex music management system. Now, with this data structure in place, the front side of the website will be transforming as well. Presently, the front side of the site is only a skeleton of the rich features that are coming. In the future, the front side of the site should offer a great service to artists and listeners. 

I want to thank all the artists and listeners who have been praying. Ever since my last post about two months ago, asking people to pray, I have gotten more done on the site than in the previous six months. Your prayers haven't totally stop the difficulties or trials, but somehow despite the difficulties, progress just seems to continue anyway. In some ways, it has been like running through a cross fire during a war. Before, I was getting hit by the bullets regularly, but now only occasionally. Nevertheless, even with an occasional wound it hasn't slowed me down too much! Thank you for those who have been offering up requests. 

Please continue of offer up prayers to the Lord for His protection on the site. I still face many difficulties and little delays in getting this site ready for you. I have had problems with my hosting servers, my own computer, and have had some crazy financial things happen, but despite all this, the Lord has provided. He has been a supply of endurance, encouragement, good friends, and everything else... Nevertheless, since the project is an ongoing one and because there is much to still be done, do not cease praying and asking the Lord to fill me with the knowledge of His will and to protect me from the evil one. I am continually tested and pulled in many directions, sensing that the devil would like to sift me as wheat. Therefore, if this site has been a blessing, please thank God for it and ask His will to be accomplished in drawing all men and women who find it to intimacy with Christ! 

Concluding this post, let me give a you poem that came to me as I have been working on the website: 

Here is Satan's army rearing for war, 

his horses are snorting cheering to sore, 

men strewn across vast fields ready to fight. 

Standing round about me with evil delight, 

waiting and waiting for the trumpet call to kill. 

From their mouths vile tauntings constantly spill. 

“You weakling, we will eat you alive... 

you are worthless, it's vanity for you to strive.” 

Though true such words may be, I stand not alone, 

for one much greater than I, has descended from His throne, 

stands closely just behind me, upon this little mount, 

His hand upon my shoulder, His frame firm and stout. 

Standing closer he spoke in a whisper, “see what I will do.” 

But the trumpeters interrupted, defiantly they blew. 

The vast army yell even louder with hatred in their sight, 

they raised their flashing sword as they moved in for the fight. 

The ground shaking the ground quaking for as far as I can see, 

from east to west man upon man charges forward against me. 

But now, even tighter, the grip upon my shoulder did grow 

and a soft warm whisper upon my ear began to blow. 

“Be still,” my companion said so gently in reply, 

and then that vast army fell with a great cry. 

Man upon man, face upon foot as far my eye could see, 

Not one soldier stood any longer to fight against me. 

From the ground arose the sound of a distant meadow still, 

quietness and peace from around the valleys began to fill. 

No more fighting and no more war, 

absence of strife beckons and opens its door. 

With this power supporting and helping at hand, 

who shall run against me or prevent me to stand. 

“Greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world.”