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USA Independence Day


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1. Important Notice 
2. Godly Christian Music Updates 
3. Godly Christian eCards Updates 
4. Prayer Requests – St Louis Outreach



Godly Christistian Ministries' websites are about to be moved to 
a new server in the next week or two.  There have already been several 
problems during the process of the transfer that has significantly 
slowed things down.  There may be some technical difficulties or 
problems over the course of the next two weeks, but I will be actively 
seeking to fix any problems.  If you experience anything that seems 
different or unusual, please contact me through one of the contact 
pages on the sites.  I appreciate your help and patience during the 
The move to the new server should ultimately result in some new 
features on the sites.  Some of which the average person will notice 
and others only the music artist will see.  Nevertheless, I hope the 
new company will be able to work well in providing you with good 


2. Godly Christian Music Updates

New Music: 
Susan Hawthorne (classical) – several more beautiful songs were 


3. Godly Christian eCards Updates

New Cards: 
Independence from Sin (Independence Day) 


4. Prayer Requests

Today several people from the local church I am a part of will be 
traveling up to St. Louis, MO to pass out tracts and share the gospel 
with those who are attending the Independence Day festivities.  Please 
be praying for us that the Lord would grant us wisdom about who and 
how we should reach out to those there.  A tract was put together that 
we will be passing out.  You can see the tract by going to 
Feel free to print out the tract if you like it and use it yourself. 
We will be getting there around 5pm Central Time and leaving after the 
fireworks around 10pm.  Please pray the Lord would open an effective 
door for us to reach out to this lost world!