Godly Christian Ministry News

News - May 31, 2010


~ Summer Index ~ 
1. Godly Christian Music Updates 
2. Godly Christian eCards Updates 
3. Upcoming Projects 
4. Prayer Requests


1. Godly Christian Music Updates

There are two new artists that will be appearing on the site 
within the next week.  In addition, Doug Tanner will be updating his 
section of the site soon with his latest songs.

New Songs: 
Artist: Graphite 412 
- When God Stepped Down: Sermon Jam


2. Godly Christian eCards Updates

Today is Memorial Day!  Don't forget to check out the "Remember 
Them" the newest card on the site which tributes saints who died for 
the faith...

There are a couple site feature updates currently in the works. 
One is integrating GC eCards into facebook and youtube.  These Updates 
will both enable people to access their friends list directly from the 
eCard site and smart phone users to view ecards (without flash 

New Cards: 
Remember Them: Memorial Day 
Behold Children 
Do You Remember: Mothers Day 
Gotten into Trouble 
Like a Song 
Pray for me 
Your Choice


3. Upcoming Projects

A new site has been in the works which will contain Christian 
articles and poetry.  There is no scheduled release date for this 
site.  This site is currently in the planning stages, but it will 
hopefully be underway soon. 
In addition, a photo gallery will like be set up 
GodlyChristianMinistries.com which will be available for others to 
contribute artwork.  This is also only in the planning stages.


4. Prayer Requests

Please be praying that God would bring people to the sites that will 
be blessed and strengthened.  In addition, please pray for me 
(Peter).  I am regularly seeking God's heart on where I should be 
investing my time.  I need wisdom on how to view the work I do and how 
to manage it.  It can be easy to get weary at times and sometimes I 
get discouraged.  Please pray that my I would be fully supplied to 
function both physically and spiritually.  I have recently had 
difficulty sleeping which has made life a bit more difficult.  Please 
pray that God would give me His mind in every trial that I may abound 
with faith in Him.