Godly Christian Ministry News

What is Going On?

Over the last couple weeks, Godly Christian Music has experienced a lot of down time. This was due to a hacker attacking my web hosting company. This attack ultimately caused all my servers to go down so that I did not have access to anything. The attack was not focused at Godly Christian Music directly, but rather at the company that hosts Godly Christian Music. I am sorry for any difficulties that you may have experienced over this last season. If the company I am currently working with continues to get compromised, I will move the site to a new company. Nevertheless, due to the nature of why they got attacked and the precautions they are taking to prevent such thing from happening in the future, I don’t think there should be further problems.

On a different note, I am restructuring some things with regard to how Godly Christian Music will be organized in the future. Instead of Godly Christian Music being a single service provided to the saints, it will become one outlet among many to bless others. A new website is being created called www.GodlyChristianMinistries.com. This new website will become the hub from which further sources of blessings will result. Godly Christian Ministries will be providing books, articles, audio messages, and much more. In addition, a new ecard site is also currently in the works. All this will become available over the course of the next year.

Finally, those who are Fire Fox users will enjoy having the mp3 player window no longer resize their browser every time they play a song. When I first made the mp3 player, I tested it out in Internet Explore. The intent was that the player would open in a new window and not a new tab. When it opened in a new window, the window resized to fit the player. It seemed like a good idea, but it only worked right for Internet Explore users. Nevertheless, the annoying resize should no longer be a problem.
Lord Bless…