Godly Christian Ministry News

Ongoing Work

Godly Christian Music continues to grow as new artist are regularly being added on, but the number of people accessing the site is continually growing as well. Internationals are downloading the music from around the world on a regular basis and the number of USA listener has been climbing. It is encouraging to my heart to see that people are being blessed by the work. Please continue to pray for the site as it was down a couple days earlier this month due to some server difficulties. In addition, the electricity has been out at my house for over a week now after an inland hurricane came through my area. Nevertheless, thanks to other believers in the area, the work has not slowed down too much as I have been able to stay in other's homes with electricity. The Lord has kept us safe and is providing our needs. Thank you, to all who have been praying! 

In addition, much work continues to go on in preparation for a new website. www.GodlyChristianEcards.com It is in some of the final stages of its initial release. Nevertheless, there remains much work ahead in creating the e-cards that people will be able to send out. If you have any ideas for good e-cards, go to the website and submit them as suggestions. 

Lord Bless...