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A Time 2 Pray!

The potential for Godly Christian Music to grow in content is constantly on the rise as I hear from more people who have music which desire to share it with others. Nevertheless, I have to admit that I have fallen short in getting the site ready for them. 

Over the course of the last several months, countless set backs have occurred. Everything from personal situations, computer issues, and web hosting server problems have consumed my time from being able to finish the work on this site. I am beginning to see that my greatest short coming has been prayer. I don't think I have really considered GCM as something that would make someone try to harm me, but I was wrong. Satan has had a hay day going to great lengths to cause the work to stop and to discourage me. There have been some points where I have been ready to give up altogether, but I really feel like the Lord want me to continue pushing on. 

This brings me to where I have fallen short. I have not been faithfully asking the Lord to bless the site, grant me time to work on it, and protect me from the devil's schemes. Nor have I valued your prayers enough in order to ask you to be praying for me and this work. Last month, there well over 7,000 visits to the site and people downloaded nearly 50gb of music. It is a blessing to know that there are a lot of people out there that like the site, but now I need your help so that I can server you all better. Please, as you listen to the music, pray for me. When you come to the site ask the Lord to allow His favor to rest on it and to protect it against the devil's attack. These needs are no longer abstract requests, they have become painful realities as I have been consistently loosing ground. Therefore, I am finally declared war with this site against Satan's kingdom and I ask that you join me with your prayers to raise the flag for our King!