Godly Christian Ministry News

Updates and Fixes

There is a lot going on behind the scenes at Godly Christian Music. Presently, progress is moving forward with our database system and its back end administrative pages. These pages will work behind the scenes for the Godly Christian Music artists. They will be able to login and submit new songs for you to listen to. In addition, they will be able to add guitar chords, song lyrics, and other features. The site will also begin keeping statistics on user favorites and what is being downloaded. 

On the front side of the site, users who have Internet Explore version 6 or lower will notice some bugs have been fixed in the appearance of several pages. A fairly complicated problem associated with how IE6 and lower renders pages, required a significant amount of time to fix, but the issue appears to be resolved now. (Feel free to report future errors through the Support pages.) In addition, there have been some problems associated with the donate page. PayPal’s server appears to be running fairly slow. There is not a lot that can be done with this issue, but now you can also donate through Google Checkout. Take a peak at the Donate page. 

Hope you enjoy some of the new music. We have much more on the way...