In The Light

In the darkness

in the quiet hour.

While in stillness,

we see his power.

A beam of single brightness

through the black there is whiteness.

The beam so long yet, so narrow.

From infinity to infinity, an arrow.

The light passes by, not touching one single thing.

All is dark but for the bean and the hope it may bring.

Silence, utter silence,

cold, worse than violence.

A step, only one step, shall cascade the light,

and from within the darkness there shall be sight.

There shall be life, there shall be joy.

Step into the light, it does employ.

As the light hits one's inner being

their new sight shall become quite keen.

The light reflects for all to see.

All are forced to look, they can not flee.

Brightness all around, the truth now be revealed.

Within the heart will those in the light be sealed.

For in the light all shall have peace.

In the light life shall never cease.

From the darkness there is but one beam,

with those standing in it, one team.

From one to another, each passes on the light.

So from infinity to infinity, it does not leave one's sight.

Through each person the beam passes with power so bright,

In order that all can find comfort on the darkest night.