On the Path

There is a finish line and prize to see,

but only for those who from darkness flee.

Some run with zeal to make it there fast,

but they miss the mark when they run on past.

Other meander and walk very slow,

always lagging behind and having further to go.

From time to time people go off to the right,

into the darkness and way out of sight.

On the other hand some go on toward the left,

away from the safety of the solid rock cleft.

All to often it is very hard to see,

who these wanders may truly be.

Some think going beyond is really the best,

for those who fall short can never be blessed.

But going beyond is no closer to the goal,

such are still absent when a teacher calls role.

Those who lag behind neither win the race,

for all those who win move at a faster pace.

Where oh where is this perfect walk,

Only where you can hear the master's talk.

Being careful to listen to what He has said,

will keep you from going to far ahead.

When the voice becomes too quite your lagging behind,

pressing in a little harder your master you will find.

Beware of the voices that call from side to side,

shouting and shouting the true voice they hide.

His words cut deep and expose all sin,

yet though words of Love your heart He'll win.

Listen oh so closely wherever He goes,

and you'll hit the target, square, right on the nose.