The Treasure

Men have searched for the Treasure in the veins of the deep
While others scratch the surface and remain fast asleep
Rare men proclaim that there is Treasure in the mine
Many say remain where you are and you will be fine

Few men dig through these tunnels though they’ve seen little proof
While simple men laugh and say “we already have truth”
Men hang there and hammer away at the rock
While simple men stay on the surface and mock

These two types of men are after Treasure you see
One declares that he has it the other wants to be free
We must understand what this great Treasure is worth
So by faith we tunnel through the rocks of the earth

Where in this darkness can the Treasure be found
It’s not in the deep or under the ground
Wise men believe in this Treasure that’s hidden
Fools don’t believe they say it’s forbidden

Because few men find it does not mean it’s not here
The path to this Treasure is beginning with fear
Is there really a Treasure or is it just a story
It is in these earthen vessels that He receives glory

The hammering and chiseling takes place in the clay
The clay is the man where Christ wants to stay
A wise man allows Him to break him at will
So Christ can be formed and the vessel be filled