How Deep?

How deep will we go when Jesus wants all the things we love?

Will we hold onto something from below and to sacrifice that which is from above?

Oh the things we cling to and cherish so very dear,

are often our favorite idols which should truly make us fear.

For we will sacrifice our gifts from God on the very things that take our life:

our time, our money, our strength, and our heart for pleasure with spiritual strife.

Oh we do give much and serve a lot of the time,

but the idols to which we hold will prove a deadly crime.

Stealing our friends, our health, our salvation and all,

so that defending our sin and claiming our rights we fall.

Jesus gave up everything to get all of our heart.

He will never be satisfied when we hold back even one part.

Who do we think we are to call the shots of what we should give?

Did we die on the cross and rise from the dead to make ourselves live?

We want our fun, tasty treats, families, and nice cars.

We want our reputations, religiosity, sex, and drinking bars.

The heart will be exposed who holds onto what they love,

Woe to us who gain what is below and loose that which is from above.