Self is there to help you, he will not let you die
this carrying of your cross he says to you is but a lie
He says you need to nurture him and help him to survive
He says you need to feed him and help him stay alive

Self says he's not your enemy and his death would not be good
so give up this carrying of your cross and this nailing to the wood
Self tells you he is tired and you can quit this race
But another says continue on my child and your cross embrace

Self says it is backwards that you must die to live
But this is the way He has planned it so Self you must give
Self says that you must help him for your own sake
But you must lead him ever more to the wooden stake

Self tells you that you must save him from this cruel tree
But he must stay nailed secure so that you can be free
Hanging on that tree Self will leave you all alone
So you can clearly hear the One that sits upon the throne