Godly Christian Ministry News

News - June 24, 2010


~ Summary Index ~ 
1. Godly Christian Music Updates 
2. Godly Christian eCards Updates 
3. Upcoming Projects 
4. Prayer Requests


1. Godly Christian Music Updates

I set up the recording equipment on the 19th and 20th of this 
month to do some recording of the Berkemeyers.  Madison Berkemeyer 
already has a couple songs up on the site, but we just recorded two 
more by her (one of them is with the help of her sibling Andrew and 
Emily).  In addition, four songs were also recorded by Andrew 
Berkemeyer.  Their music is currently being mixed and will appear on 
the site in the near future.

New Artist / Music: 
Susan Hawthorne (classical) – 29 New Songs 
Don Shepherd (folk) – 16 New Songs 
Thomas Reinhardt (folk) – 8 New Songs 
Jeff Rice (folk-pop) – 1 New Song


2. Godly Christian eCards Updates

Independence Day is looming on the horizon and a new card should 
be ready by the time it rolls around. On a different note, I have been 
experimenting with youtube over the last while and will likely begin 
converting cards to you tube videos as I put each one together.

New Cards: 
A Symbol (Flag Day) 
This Season (Summer) 
Becoming an Adult (Graduation) 
Gray Hair (Fathers Day)


3. Upcoming Projects

GodlyChristianMinistries.com is about to experience a total 
makeover.  After much deliberation and prayer, I will be converting 
this site to Joomla content management site.  The benefits that will 
result include: new multi-media (photo, audio, video) content will be 
regular added, Christian articles will be frequently posted from 
various authors, a news/blog will available, and there will be 
multiple RSS feeds to subscribe to.  There are a couple other ideas I 
am still praying about, but you can expect these things to be ready in 
the next month.  I just got a new program to help in the designing 
look and feel of the site and I am currently planning out how the site 
will be structured.


4. Prayer Requests

Thank you for all who have been praying for the sites, those who 
come to the sites, and for me.  I have been considering putting 
together another site, but never really came to peace about it. 
However, the things I was planning on doing on a new site, I will be 
adding into the www.GodlyChristianMinistry.com site.  Please be 
praying for me as I make decision about how the Godly Christian 
Ministries site will look and function as it is about to undergo many 
changes.  This can often be a tedious process and if I don't plan 
things out well, it will cost me more time down the road. 
On a different note, I am currently learning how to play the piano. 
During the last couple months, I have been going through a DVD set to 
help me learn.  It has been a very nice way to take a break from 
working on the computer.  Please be praying for me as I am practicing 
and learning.  It is my hope that I will be able to use the piano to 
encourage and bless you.